The European Society for Textual Scholarship



  • The Canterbury Tales Project: this fifteen years old project has pioneered the application of computer methods to the analysis and publication of texts. It particularly emphazises the use of phylogenetic software for the study of large manuscript traditions.

  • The Parsival Project

  • The Women Writers Project: This Brown University project aims to make available texts by women writers in order to facilitate research and study. The also maintain a specialized subset called Renaissance Women Online.

  • Pico Project

    Editions Online

  • Digital Nestle-Aland

  • Caxton's Canterbury Tales

    Research Institutes

  • Centre for Manuscript and Print Studies

  • Institute for Textual Scholarship and Electronic Editing (University of Birmingham)

  • Study Programs

  • The University of Washington's Textual Studies Program

  • The University of Toronto's Book History and Print Culture Program, which offers both Master's and PhD's degrees

  • The Institute for Textual Scholarship and Electronic Editing's (University of Birmingham) Master on Electronic Editing

  • The University of Birmingham's Master on Text and Book

  • The Institute for English Studies's (University of London) Master on History of the Book

  • The Editorial Institute's (Boston University) Master's and PhD's program

  • The University of Leiden's Book and Byte: Book and Digital Media Studies Master


  • Society for Textual Scholarship

  • Early Book Society

  • Society for the History of Authorship, Reading, and Publishing

  • Association for Computers and the Humanities

  • Association for Literary and Linguistic Computing

  • Association for Documentary Editing

  • Bibliographical Society

  • Bibliographical Society of America